Case Study: How a Website Increased Leads by 300% for a Remodeling Company

Website and SEO for Kile Construction LLC

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The Brief

Norm Kile has been operating his construction company for over 20 years. Most of his jobs came from returning customers and referrals. Norm was one of the early adopters of having a website. His wife, Michelle, built a website with HTML back in 2004. Due to the low number of other construction companies doing this at the time, Kile Construction was on top of the Google results for many years. This period of time saw Norm getting tons of calls from people finding his company online.

Flash forward 13 years and other companies in Coeur d’Alene had built newer, more mobile-friendly websites using modern tools. They were also hiring companies for SEO to make them show up on top of Google searches. Kile Construction was no longer in the top spot. Norm had been thinking a long time about updating his website but didn’t know where to start. He turned to Adapt Digital Solutions to help him figure out how to get back to getting consistent leads online.

Our Approach

The Coeur d’Alene market is small, but some of the competition is very sophisticated. There are some big names here and breaking into the online market isn’t easy. We started the project with competitor analysis to tell us what others were doing that was working for them. We also looked at the Google Analytics from Norm’s website to see how his customers found him in the past and how they were interacting with his website to give us a better idea of what his customers were looking for.

The solution we came up with was a simple one-page website that would show potential customers exactly what they needed to know before they felt comfortable hiring Norm and his team to work on their homes.

The Results We Produced

Immediately Norm started getting compliments on his website. Some customers did a lot of shopping before eventually settling on Kile Construction for their remodeling needs. The simple approach was working like a charm. Looking at past data showed us where customers spent the most time. People need to know a little about the company, see some pictures of their work, and see some social proof that others have been happy with the results produced by Kile Construction. Many customers have said they chose Norm and his crew because of what they saw on his website.

After a month or so Kile Construction was showing up on the first page of Google for their chosen keywords. This was great considering there was no ongoing SEO service being implemented, just the fundamentals of a website done correctly from the start.

Norm now receives at least 3 good leads per month and is staying as busy as he can handle.

What We Learned

We learned that for smaller markets the fundamentals can make or break the results seen from a business website. In this day and age, Google is very good at showing users exactly what they are looking for. That’s why we believe the best practices are those that involve giving the best quality content you can produce. There’s no need to use dirty “black hat” tricks to try and pull one over on Google. More often than not you’ll end up getting punished if you go this route.

Here’s What Norm Had to Say in His Own Words:

Chuck and his team at Adapt Digital Solutions were awesome. They understood that I didn’t want to know all the technical details of what they were doing. I was just after results and they delivered. I recommend them every time I get a compliment on my website, which happens on a regular basis.


This project was a fine example of how effective marketing can be for a Construction Company

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