Construction SEO Tips from the Experts

Every business can easily benefit from the wonders of SEO, and this includes those in the field of construction. The construction industry has always been fierce, whether offline or online. Thanks to local SEO, however, the playing field is now leveled between big and small brands.


For those who belong to the latter, standing out online is crucial. That’s why we’ve come up with a few tips on how they can dominate local-based searches by utilizing different SEO techniques.


Urge Clients To Write Reviews

SEO isn’t just about building a website around keywords and tags. It is also crucial for companies to build a better reputation, so they begin ranking higher on Google. For any business that offers products or services, positive reviews are more crucial than ever.


Companies that have top reviews posted on their websites are trusted more by online consumers. As such, construction companies must highlight said reviews on their websites too.


Focus On Tags And Meta Descriptions

For construction companies, it’s not enough to base SEO solely on keywords. If they are offering specific services or if they have specialties, it is advisable to invest heavily in tags and meta descriptions.

Tags help direct the audience into their website when they use a specific, narrow keyword while doing an online search.

Meta descriptions, on the other hand, let the audience read through a brief introduction of what a company is offering. For instance, if a construction company specializes in building high-rise apartments, then potential clients are most likely going to click on a website if meta descriptions contain such keywords.


Content Is King

The “content is king” mantra stands strong to this date. Construction companies must consistently create relevant and high-quality content for their website, as this is one of the ranking factors being looked into by Google’s SEO algorithm.


Expand Directories

Not just construction companies, but many other companies tend to forget claiming their business pages on online platforms like Google. By doing so, potential clients are able to immediately see their location, ratings, and contact details upon being searched on Google. This is one of the many ways to increase engagement.


They should also consider making accounts or pages on social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This will allow them to increase website traffic and consequently, increase conversion rates.


Be Consistent In Directory Listings

As a general rule of thumb, companies must stick with placing their name, address, and phone number in online directories, in that particular order. If the information is jumbled within every online directory page, the SEO score could drop significantly. This basically means that even in SEO, consistency is very important.


Bottom Line

The construction industry is a tough field to venture in considering how tough the competition is. For companies to gain a significant edge over their rivals, it is a must to become a dominant force in local SEO.


The tips above will definitely help in that area, and could eventually help small companies grow significantly within a few months.


You can learn a lot about the big picture of SEO and its history by reading through the giant infographic below. (Original Source: SEO Tribunal)

A huge infographic showing tons of SEO statistics made by SEO Tribunal



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