How to Send and Receive Instagram DMs Online Using a Computer or Laptop

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Person using their computer to DM on Instagram

Direct messaging is one of the most underutilized tools for Instagram! Instagram is filled with over 800 million users which allows you to reach limitless opportunities and relationships that could help benefit your business and build your brand.

What I Do

Instagram has made it hard to ONLY DM from your computer. Why? I can’t really say. They probably just want to maintain control over their product. Sounds reasonable, huh?

The tool I use these days is full of features and allows me to send DMs to my followers. I can even set it up to happen automatically which is nice for when I’m short on time and I want to reach a lot of people.

You can check out this feature-rich tool here.


Are There Other Ways to Send DM’s from a Computer?

One option for Windows users is the Windows Instagram app for Windows 10. I haven’t used it myself and people tell me it’s a bit buggy, but if you’re in a pinch then it might be worth checking out. If you are on a mac you won’t be able to use it so this might be your only option.

Windows Instagram App for Windows 10

Windows Instagram App download screen

Windows 10 now offers a free Instagram app that allows you to access your profile, direct message users, and take photos. The very simple process includes going to the Microsoft App Store and downloading it… then do the following

  1. Go to the Windows App Store and look up the Windows Instagram App
  2. Click “Get” and wait for the download to complete
  3. Click “Launch”
  4. Grant the Application access to your contacts
  5. Click “Sign In” located at the bottom of the window
  6. Log into your Instagram account
  7. Click on the “Direct Message” icon and dm away!




If Free stuff is your preference, then Bluestacks Player might be for you. Bluestacks is a FREE Android emulator that changes your Mac or Windows computer into an Android device, which will allow you to sign into a google account and install Instagram. It has been known to be buggy and inconsistent, but what do you expect for a free tool? You get what you pay for, right?

  1. Download Bluestacks from its official website, install, and launch onto your own computer
  2. Login using your google account and click the “right arrow” (located at the bottom right of your screen)
  3. Once you are finished, it will redirect you to the Bluestacks dashboard, then go to the Google
  4. Store, search and download the Instagram app.
  5. Finally, open the Instagram app and login into your account, then tap on “Instagram Direct” and select whom you want to start a conversation with



A little more about the Instagram DM Feature…



The What, When, and Why of the Instagram DM (Direct Message)

DM’s give you the power to send private messages, photos, or videos to almost any Instagram user, along with sharing profiles, posts, and other network content. You can also create DM groups that can include up to 50 people! It is a very interesting tool as it instantly creates a way to communicate with users on a more personal, more intimate, and more individual level.

Some Benefits of the DM Feature?

1.  Engage with your followers

Getting to know your audience is necessary to separate yourself from the crowd. It gives you the chance to build relationships and much more with your followers as if someone reaches out to you, it’s because they’re interested in what you have to offer. Anytime you have someone send a message in your inbox, there will be a blue dot next to the name. You should always increase your follower engagement and make an effort to respond because you never know how a follower could positively impact your brand. Without engagement and active followers, an Instagram with a million followers would be useless.

You can always increase engagement, trust, and brand by sending a simple message to your followers thanking them for the follow. This process shows you care and shows your brand personality which not a lot of influencers and users are taking advantage of. All consumers want to feel important and want to feel valued. I know what you’re thinking. “This would take me forever!” That is true, and that is why special apps have been created to automate Instagram direct messaging new followers so you can be engaging while maintaining your real life.


2. Find networking opportunities

Instagram’s DM system is the single biggest networking or business development opportunity of our era.  So many individuals are trying to sell, market, and take advantage of people but aren’t solving their needs. You need to ask “How can I solve your problem,” or “How can I make it easier for you and bring you value”.  The solution is to connect on a mutual level first, provide value, then when the moment comes you can ask what you can do for them. A LOT of companies and individuals and influencers can bring you A LOT of value you an opportunity. That being said, most individuals are well connected, and many might be friends or employees of the person you are trying to reach.


Who benefits the most from using the Instagram DM feature?

By far most people who are using the Instagram dm function are normal people like you and me who just want to be able to have a private conversation with people we know and meet on Instagram. In some countries, such as Indonesia, the Instagram DM is the main way of communication replacing Facebook and even text messaging. There are many reasons for these trends that we won’t go into here, but the point is that there are millions of people around the world who use Instagram as their main way to communicate with others.

Besides normal folks, business profiles are using direct messages as a marketing tool to boost their consumer satisfaction and to connect with clients. Successful businesses, entrepreneurs, social media agencies, influencers, or anyone looking to build their Instagram follower base is using this method of interacting with others across the world. Instagram itself reports that more than 80% of accounts follow at least one business, with 200 million visits to business accounts every day! This gives you the chance to create a community of mutual interest where you feed off each other’s success and knowledge.



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