How to Get Google Reviews for Your Business

During a live video event I held last weekend, I discussed how I get reviews for my family’s remodeling business. The tips and tricks I shared here are all you need to get started getting loads of reviews for your Google listing. The more reviews you have, the more people will trust you when they find you online. Each review can eventually be worth thousands of dollars in new customers, so what are you waiting for?

If you are interested in being a part of these free Youtube live events, head over to the Foundational Marketers Facebook group and join. This is the only place we announce them when they come up. Besides that, we are growing a great community of business owners who are focused on adding tremendous value to their customers through their marketing. See you there!

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If you want us to do the same for you, take a look at our Foundational Marketing System

The Reason Why I Created Adapt Digital Solutions

I started learning online marketing out of necessity. My own career was at stake and I didn’t want to wait around for someone else to find us more customers. I taught myself web design and advertising and slowly figured out how to get the phone ringing on a consistent basis.

Over the years I’ve honed my approach and settled on a fundamental strategy that guarantees results. How? Because it’s simple and basic. Business is about providing valuable products and services to people and I believe marketing is just an extension of that. When people find us online, they want to work with us. They are looking for any reason not to hire us, so all we have to do is make sure they don’t find any!

We are a small company with a hard-working, dedicated staff that produces awesome results for every single client we work with. Honesty and integrity come first and we always leave our customers better off than when they found us.

Don't Be Shy, Let's Talk About Your Business

Don’t be afraid to send us a message and ask us a question, we are here if you need any advice before you make a decision. Just send us a message and we will respond to you as soon as we are available. We were all at a point where we didn’t know much and we understand how valuable it would’ve been to just ask a question to someone with years of experience.