7 Reasons Why Your Website is Important to Your Business

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Operating a business is not an easy task. With so many moving parts and pieces, it can be difficult keeping everything moving forward. This makes a website a powerful asset. It’s like a sales team that is going 24/7, year-round. There are a few things, in particular, a website is especially good at doing:


Grows Brand Awareness

If the internet is like a giant neighborhood and a domain name is a plot of land, your website is the house you build on that land. If you don’t have a house, nobody is going to come visit.

As more and more people are turning to their phones and computers to find what they’re looking for, it’s never been more important for business people to make sure the right information about their business can easily be found online.

Everything a business does online produces awareness amongst the public. The more present your business is online, the more people know about it, and the more people that know about it, the more customers you can have.


Connects Your Business With Customers

People aren’t looking for just products and services, they’re looking for connections. Tools like chat boxes and social media have created a whole new way to interact with customers online. The American Marketing Association found that having a chat box on your website increases sales by an average of 3x. By being available the moment visitors have questions, salespeople are able to close sales much more often and with a closer connection to the customer.


Shows Visitors What They Are Looking For

When a visitor hits a website, they are looking for some type of information. Web pages displaying services and portfolios show the visitor that you have the product or service they’re looking for. Testimonials and reviews prove that you can deliver and provide a good experience. When visitors see this, they are comfortable taking the next step towards becoming a customer.


Guides Visitors Through The Shopping Process

The more sophisticated websites provide blogs and articles that help guide visitors through the shopping process. The effects of this are two-fold. First, you provide all the information the visitor needs to make their buying decision. When they are ready to move forward, you are already there and ready to help them. The second thing this does is increases the size and value of your website. Search engines like Google will see your website as relevant and helpful for consumers so it will show it hires in the search results. This, in turn, drives even more visitors to your website.


Produces Leads

A common tactic with blogs is to offer free information through email. When a visitor gives you their email address in exchange for free, valuable information, they become a lead. This is one way a website can produce leads.

Some visitors will call your business, others will email. Any time you get information from a visitor that can lead to a sale, it’s called a lead.


Enhances Your Sales Systems

By interacting with customers online, you get access to a lot of data. Your sales system gets tested time and time again. This process allows you the opportunity to make improvements and grow your sales system. There are also tools such as CRM that allow salespeople to take advantage of technology to organize their pipeline and increase the number of sales they can make.


Allows For Automation

This combination of technology with offline processes has allowed for some serious automation. On it’s simplest level automation can mean an email automatically gets sent to you when a sale is made. At its most complex level, an entire business can run fully automated with very little human intervention. Most businesses today can take advantage of process automation to increase efficiency and free up valuable time.

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I am a web consultant with a unique background in residential construction. Owners and managers hire me to find the most profitable ways to generate leads and run a profitable business.

Featured Case Study: Small remodeling company generates high quality leads for less than $25/lead.

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